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Share some HCNP-Security H12-721-ENU exam questions and answers below.
IP-link sends a probe packet to the specified IP address. By default, after the three failures detection, the link to the IP address is considered to be faulty. 
Answer: A

What are the following VPN protocols that do not provide encryption? (Choose 3 Answers) 
B. AH 
C. L2TP 
Answer: BCD

In the attack, the packet captured by one victim host is shown as the following screenshot, according to the analysis, what the acctack is? 

A. SYN Flood 
B. SYN-ACK Flood 
C. ACK-Flood 
D. Connection Flood 
Answer: C

One network is shown as below: 

PC establish l2tp vpn through the vpn client and USG (LNS), what are possible reasons of dial-up failure? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. The tunnel name of the LNS is not consistent with the client's. 
B. L2TP tunnel authentication failed. 
C. PPP authentication fails, the PPP authentication mode set on the client PC and LNS is not consistent. 
D. The client PC can not obtain the IP address assigned to it from the LNS. 
Answer: BCD

In an Eth-Trunk interface, traffic load balancing can be achieved by configuring different weights on each member link. 
Answer: A

The main method of Defense cache server DNS Request Flood is to use the DNS source authentication. 
Answer: A

USG dual-hot-standby must meet certain conditions to use, which of the following statements are correct? (Choose 2 answers) 
A. The product model of the active and standby devices must be the same 
B. The software version of the active and standby devices must be consistent 
C. The interface IP of the active and standby two devices must be the same. 
D. The active device must be configured and the standby device does not need any configuration. 
Answer: AB

Figure shows the data flow direction of power bypass interface in the Bypass working mode and non-bypass working mode, on the working process of power bypass interface. 

Which of the following statements is correct? (Choose 2 Answers) 
A. When the interface operates in the non-bypass state, traffic flows from the GE0 interface to the USG through Router_A and flows from the GE1 interface to Router_B after the USG process. 
B. When the interface works in the Bypass state, the traffic flows from the GE0 interface to the USG through Router_A. The USG flows from the GE1 interface to Router_B directly without any processing. 
C. When the firewall requires security priority, the uplink and downlink services are not interrupted when the interface operates in the Bypass state. So that the device can be maintained in the Bypass state. 
D. Power Bypass interface can only work in the two-layer model, with circuit bypass function. 
Answer: AB

In dual hot standby, the backup channel must be the main interface on the interface board, which type does not support? 
A. Ethernet 
B. GigabitEthernet 
C. E1 
D. vlan-if 
Answer: C

SSL VPN authentication landing is not successful, and prompted "wrong user name or password", which option is wrong? 
A. User name and password input error. 
B. User or group filter field configuration error. 
C. The certificate filter field is incorrectly configured. 
D. The administrator configured a policy that limits the source IP address of the terminal. 
Answer: D

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